Sunday, 19 March 2017

Guest Crafter – The Lovely Laura

Today, I bring you The Lovely Laura ……..
Comic Covered Lightshade……. and her Beano covered lampshade now hanging proudly in young Master Bertram’s bedroom.
Beano Covered Light ShadeI just love the way she has even covered the inside of the shade, with the black and white pages  ….. a brilliant touch for a totally unique one off.
Beano Covered Lightshade


tilly said...

how cute and very one off ! well done Laura

Annika said...

Have you heard of the Creativa convention in Germany? I was there yesterday and it really was crafting heaven!

Anonymous said...

Hi, love this idea! Do you know what glue she used or if varnished it in any way ? Would like to have a go myself but worried about the heat from a bulb affecting the shade...such a talented family! Thanks X

Cheryl W said...

What a fun shade! I see that the lovely Laura is a creative soul, too. Nicely done!