Monday, 13 March 2017

Monday Mooch – And ……How Thick Can I Be?

I thought it might be nice to have a regular weekly or perhaps fortnightly post about my Evesham Moochings ….. objects of desire, charity shop finds, inspiration and bargains etc., so here’s this Monday Moochings ……
IMG_1441The first item, perhaps is not a “object of great desire”, it’s more of an instant hate it or love it piece, and to be honest the chairs plonked in front hinder my illustration a bit …… It’s a bit of an ugly beast I know, but I sort of like it!  It’s the mirrored panels and the clock that drew me in (I forgot to look at the price tag, sorry).  I have decided I really need two residences, my bijoux flat and another old and rambling place with nooks and crannies to indulge my furniture fetishes ….. this would definitely go in my breakfast room, (get my delusions of granduer), untouched  …….. one shelf would be filled with odd china breakfast tableware, another with jars of homemade jam and honey, and in the morning the top would have a lacy runner on and lots of muesli in jars and odd ornate silver spoons  ….. I really need to get a life!
photo CoastersFrom my favourite charity shop, a box of unopened glass coasters for 80p, a project for me and Iris, the pack split up and her drawings inserted to make personalised gifts for dotting relatives or perhaps I might keep them, changing the pictures to suit the occasion?
small wooden cabinetAnd, from the same shop, this little curio for £1.50, I admit to umming and ahhhing and putting it back a couple of times as I wasn’t sure what it was or what I could do with the sticky up things at the top, wondering if I could saw them off ……… DOH …..
IMG_1460It wasn’t until I actually got it home, after paying my money but still thinking about what it was, when I realised that it had been upside down in the shop but I was too thick to realise it …….  now, I am thinking a Cabinet of Christmas Curiosities like I have seen on Pinterest (below)  ….. adding shelves to the side cupboards, if I can. I just need to keep my eyes peeled for little bits and pieces, I already have a couple of bog brush Christmas Trees, so there’s a starting point.
Christmas 1Christmas 2
And finally some felt cards found in a basket on the floor in The Works …..
felt cardsYou couldn’t even make them for 50p, they are now put safely put away for when I don’t have time to make a card or for a fancy gift tag on a present.


Cheryl W said...

Oooooh, such lovely finds. I can see that big old sideboard in a breakfast room with all kinds of goodies and lovely china setting on it. Yup - you need two homes to fuss with. Your curio cabinet will be perfect for Christmas trinkets. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Cheryl W said...

Thought I'd leave one more comment, re: the coasters. Maybe Iris could make some "funny faces of Iris" coasters as gifts for her family. Of course, you'd have to take photos of her funny faces first and print them out. It's been my experience that kids her age love to make funny faces. And when they're captured in photos, they think they are hilarious! She could even make some props - like a mustache or funny glasses made from construction paper (with your help). Just a thought...

tilly said...

I love old furniture and have a set of drawers in my craft room in which I keep my rubber stamps, die cut and Christmas papers and stamps