Friday, 28 April 2017

Pink Popsicle/Lolly Stick Sugar Plum Fairy Christmas Tree Decoration

Following from my first lolly stick ballerina, this is my second attempt, turning the ballerina into a fairy.
Popsicle Stick FairyI think I may have gone a little over the top with her embellishment, but I doubt if a certain little madam will notice!
popsicle fairyI have used three pink cake cases for her skirt, and added an self adhesive strip of iridescent gems for the extra bling factor.
popsicle fairy 1I made a small slit using a craft knife in the centre of the cake cases to put the fairy’s body through.
popsicle fairy 2I wrapped wool round the top for hair, wool and also used it to wooden beads onto for arms and hands, plus a feather butterfly for her wings, (Home Bargains – 6 assorted colours for 99p, and excellent quality), with added gems to match her dress.
Popsicle Stick Pink Fairy 2When the butterfly was glued onto the back of the stick it hid and safely secured the arms.  If I was being really anal, it wouldn’t take much to hid the slightly ugly centre of the butterfly with a scrap of matching paper etc.
popsicle pink fairy 1I used tiny gems on her slippers and top with a small gem flower in her hair.
popsicle stick fairy 1If making these Sugar Plum fairies to decorate a Christmas tree it would be easy to just thread a loop through her hair to hang her from.


Cheryl W said...

I think Iris will love the intense embellishment. Most little girls like lots of bling, don't they? This fairy is so cute. I think it would make a great gift embellishment, too, for a "fairy happy birthday."

Pamela said...

Oh now she's even more beautiful than the fairy!