Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Twelve Frames Of Christmas – Festive Patchwork Box Frame Decorations

When I am browsing, looking for ideas, I love to look at how people, particularly in the U.S seem to decorate the whole of their home at Christmas.  Now, my flat is pretty small and I reckon I could just about manage it too …… and I am thinking about starting in my L shaped hall.
HallAt the moment it has twelve Ikea Ribba box frames on two of the walls containing insect brooches, but I have only used masking tape to hold the backgrounds in place ……. they could be very easily replaced temporarily, if only for the month of December.
2 CHristmas Patchwork Box Frame aSo, that is what I am planning to do……. making twelve festive patchworks, using Christmas papers and embellishments, and making good use of the giant square punch I got for £1 at the recent HobbyCraft Show at the NEC.
Ikea Ribba FRameOne a month should be easy, but as we are now in April I may have to double up on some months.
Patchwork Christmas Memory FrameWith a plan in my head, I gathered all the bits and pieces together and set them out roughly, but knowing that I would probably make changes as I went along.
2 Patchwork Squares2 Patchwork a
Each square measures 1.5ins and was mat and layered on silver card, with faux stitching round the edges.  These squares were then arranged on a larger square that would fit within the mount that comes with the frame.
2 Patchwork bThe next bit was to glue the twelve chosen embellishments and then fiddle fart some more by adding lots of flat backed gems, eyes, stars etc..
2 Christmas Patchwork Box FrameIt was easy to get carried away, but at Christmas, less is more really doesn’t count.
2 Christmas Patchwork Box Frame cUsually, I am quite particular about things fitting within the squares and being in proportion to each other, but I’ve let those ideas blow in the wind, I want the frames to look really homemade and not over overthought.
The frames also stand perfectly on a shelf, so I might consider buying a few extra (£3.50) to make up and give as presents to people, like my sister in law, who would really appreciate a decoration that is a little bit different.
Well, that’s one done, only eleven more to go!


Cheryl W said...

Oooooh, these are spectacular. You're right about us Americans. We tend to decorate every room in the house. I know that I have decorations that I put in my bathrooms and even my kitchen. It's kind of fun to have Christmas reminders everywhere you go in the house. A bit of a job to collect again at the end of the season and pack a way, though!

tilly said...

it,s looking good, going to get your moneys worth from the punch with these lol

Di said...

Wow Helen - brilliant idea! I tend to decorate all over the house but at the same time I pop some things that are normally out all year into the boxes the deccies come out of. That way the place doesn't look so much like the Marie Celeste when the Christmas deccies go away. So your frames will work the same too. great idea as I said.


Di xx