Monday, 5 June 2017

Chocolate Bugs Halloween Trick Or Treat Jar

I found some chocolate “bug” chocolates in Aldi a while back and wondered if I could do anything with them for Halloween.
Halloween Jar 7I had already saved a small jar with a black lid thinking it might come in useful for such a project.
Halloween JatI started by covering up any writing on the lid with a permanent black pen and a red scalloped circle.
Halloween Jar 1Halloween Jar 5
I then glued some spider ribbon (from my Las Vegas trip to Michaels), round the middle of the jar and half way down the sides to make a handle, it took a couple of goes to get it right, hence the miss match of pictures.
Halloween Jar 6Halloween Jar 3Halloween Jar 7
I filled the jar with shredded red tissue paper and added the bugs, plus one sitting on the top.
Halloween Jar 4Halloween Jar r
I then decided that it needed a little something else, so made a label to stick round the middle using a scrap of torn black card with a handwritten Trick or Treat message using a white gel pen.
IMG_2448It’s an idea I am quite pleased with ……. but it could certainly be improved/fine tuned a little.Halloween Jar eI don’t actually think the jar needs to be filled with bugs, one sitting on a bed of shredded tissue would be just as effective, with perhaps plastic Halloween novelty on the lid like a bony hand or skull perhaps……….
Halloween Jar qHalloween Jar w
…… so I think I may be collecting a few more small jars before Halloween finally arrives..


Cheryl W said...

Fun idea! I think I may have some clear plastic containers that would work well, too.

marc said...

fun make great now to get those bugs big love marc