Friday, 9 June 2017

My Ever Growing Genie Bottle Collection

I have finally filled the shelf above the TV with 60's/70's Italian Genie Bottles and I just love how it looks.
Genie Bottle CollectionBut what do I do now if I see anymore, at silly prices?   I have a few bottles in my guest room, where they look equally lovely (not everyone's taste I know).  Should I carry the theme round on the other two walls, on the existing shelves, over the sofa, or would that be overkill?  .......... Answering my own question after a month or so of living with them .......  it would definitely be overkill!


Cheryl W said...

I think you should just keep looking for "unique" ones, and then just switch them out from time to time. You could also look for colors that go with the seasons, and switch them out for that reason.

tilly said...

some beautiful bottles there.... I never see these near to us, but did have 3 in the 70's lol x

marc said...

well we could just look for stoppers to fit the ones you dont have that way you get the joy and frill of looking but not buying and i love them we use them a lot in displays have done over lots of styles and trends some how you can always use one some were big love marc