Monday, 31 July 2017

Craft Stick Snowman Tags

I didn’t have a clue what to do with the wooden snowman embellishments, whatever I put them on just looked naff ……. but, before finally consigning them to the charity shop bag, I tried them on a craft stick tag ….. and all of a sudden they came into their own.
IMG_3578I started by making the frames using four mini craft sticks which measure approx. 6.6cm x 1cm. 
IMG_3566I then edged the frame with faux stitching, and  added “Let it Snow” using a black fine liner pen, I applied as little pressure as I could  so that the ink didn’t bleed into the wood too much.
IMG_3568Next came the backgrounds using scraps of white glitter and blue patterned paper and adding a few extra doodled snowflakes using a white gel pen …….
IMG_3569……. these was duly glued on the back of the frame.
Rather than glue the snowman onto the frame, I put two sticky foam pads, one on top of another on the back of the snowman, sticking him onto the background, the foam pads giving a secure bond and bringing him level to the bottom of the frame.
IMG_3574I used two tiny blue 6mm buttons to add a little more colour  and tie the design together.
I drilled a hole in the corner, for a jump ring to tie a length of blue and white butchers twine to either hang on a Christmas tree or attach to a parcel.
And finally, I covered the back of the tag with a scrap of white card edged with black doodles for a sentiment or message. Voila!


Di said...

Fabulous!! I'd settle for the tag and forget the present to be honest :)

Oh I love your handwriting Helen. I'm sure you gave away a font many moons ago with the dots at the end of each letter - like you though, sadly I lost it when changing my computer a while ago, maybe I need a lesson in 'good writing'? :)


Di xx

tilly said...

well done with the snowman!!! always a right project for everything..... if we can only think what... lol

Cheryl W said...

Cute as can be!

marc said...

fab fab fab and your fiddle fart font was the best you need to post it again big love marc