Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Heads Up For Early Christmas Crafty Bits

While I was in Swindon for the weekend I popped into Primark to stock up on my reading glasses as they really are the best, (well, for me anyway) and at between £1 and £3 it doesn’t really matter if I lose the odd pair now and again, as I invariably do, as I tend to wear them on the top of my head most of the time!
IMG_4716But, I also noticed that they already have their knitted gloves in, which are a staple for making my snowman chocolate bars, using the rolled up fingers as hats.
Chocolate. Candy Bar SnowmenAt £1 for two pairs it’s a no brainer, that’s 20 snowman hats!!!  The colours, I admit aren't brilliant, they also had pink and beige, but perhaps other colours will be available in other stores as the cold weather hastens, but a button or sprig of holly will soon brighten them up.
IMG_4717The Works do have tiny knitted bobble hats in stock, I bought one pack to play with, but they are £1 for just two.
IMG_4558Also from Primark, a card of 8 bracelets/anklets for £2, working out at just 25p each (other sets/designs available), but separated and used individually these could be put in crackers, table favours, Advent Calendar drawers or even in a small clear bauble on the Christmas Tree.   Just a thoughts and heads up!


tilly said...

always on the lookout for bargins.... and finding them !!!

Di said...

Ha! You really are the best shopper ever!


Di xx

Cheryl W. said...

Great ideas. I need to remember these!