Monday, 23 October 2017

Guest Crafter–Little Miss Iris And The Family Christmas Card for 2017

Young Miss Iris is proving to be quite an artist, but then I am biased! She was only three in June but every day I can see her little skills and attention for detail blossom and her thirst to draw at the moment is insatiable, but it was this last picture, drawn on Saturday, that really blew me away ……..
……. it’s Iris and Bertie opening their Christmas presents, and was drawn totally without any adult putting their four pennyworth in!
I have asked if I can scan it so that the details are really clear and then I am going to have a set of photos printed (Aldi photo processing is brilliant and only 5p a print) to go on the front of a card blank, eh voila, a gorgeous and very personal family Christmas card. We might put a tiny bit of glitter on the tree baubles perhaps, but only with the Artistes say so!!!


tilly said...

I love all the coloured balls on the tree, a little artist in the making, A super personal card for this year....wonder where her crafting skills began ??? lol

Pamela said...

Way To Go Iris! Brilliant drawing and Nanna Helen is right to make it into a Christmas card.

Mrs A. said...

What a fabulous drawing and a fab idea for the family christmas card. Hugs Mrs A.

Anonymous said...

Its fabulous, what a talent little Iris has. I think I might know where she gets it from. What a lovely idea to turn it into a card.
Maggie xx

Cheryl W said...

It's perfect! She definitely has her grandmother's abilities. And she is so adorable besides. What a blessing!

marc said...