Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Four Guest Crafters

Four guest crafters today with the cards I have been lucky enough to receive from them this year ………
From Diane a die cut and stamped Santa’s hat card, a very simple but very effective card and an idea I might be able to play with next year, so watch this space?!!!!
A wintery penguin from Christine.  I have bought a few stamps this Christmas, as yet, dare I say, still in their unopened packets. I love the idea of stamping, as I have said many many times before, but I just get so frustrated with the results, I just never seem to be able to get a good print first time, second time or for that matter tenth time round.  Christine has perfected the art ……I love everything about this card.  Thank you Christine.
The next card comes from Maisie who has been crafting since, I think, before she could walk or talk and I have been lucky enough to be at the receiving end of many of her beautiful creations.  I love the background paper, not sure where it’s from, but it’s very cute …… and the wooden laser cute “Jingle Bells” is an embellishment I could always find a use for.  Thank you so much Maisie, good luck for when you move up to Senior school later in the year and just make sure you keep on crafting!
And last but not least a card from Mrs A/ValeryAnne.  I think the background was already  printed but then Mrs A has added two tiny die cut Christmas trees tied with red and white butchers twine, soooooooo effective and looks a million dollars.
My own cards this year have been disappointingly and totally  P A N T S despite making an early start in the year.  I shall take all of these, along with Marc’s card for inspiration, and boy do I need that in 2018!!!!


tilly said...

Thank you for the kind comments but I must confess... these days I use digital images because... they are cheap, a very wide range, no storage needed except PC...they can be re-sized, so very useful, they can be coloured with any medium. Sometimes I do a smaller image and leave it in black and white on the insert. You can also make a card with a matching tag, This is a Polkadoodles one, another of my faves is Bugaboo with a massive range for all occasions. Another fave is Mo's digitals with some stunning artwork.
I feel better now lol....
Tilly x

Mrs A. said...

Thankyou for high lighting my card above. Hope the boys are now getting into the festive mood. hugs Mrs A.

marc said...

I love all those cards and i to do alot of digital crafting /hybrid crafting i love my craft artist 2 program and i love cds as Tilly said lots of images no storage and you can print a million papers if need be and with good paper you dont use a lot of ink happy christmas every one big love marc