Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Fiddle Fart’s First Guest Crafter Of 2018 - Marc

This has to be the cutest, cutest, cutest thing ever and just goes to show, pardon my English was an incredibly clever b****r Marc is!
All I can tell you is that this beautiful Basset Hound (Marc and Iain now have four, see below) has been felted ……..
…….. required an awful lot of patience ……
……. and is totally stunning!
Marc 3
Marc and Iain’s babies.


Mrs A. said...

The felted Bassett is beautifully crafted and those Bassetts are just so dog gone cute. Hugs Mrs A. Norm and Sammy send new year wishes.

PharmacyMichele said...

WOW-that is amazing, so lifelike.


Pamela said...

Well done Marc - it's brilliant!

tilly said...

a super cute make and really cute real life doggies !

Cheryl W said...

Wow! Marc is a true artist! Those felted Bassett Hounds look perfect! Please let him know your followers are in awe.