Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Lily Rabbit Dressing Up Outfit

Iris, bless her, is very taken with being Lily Bobtail from The Adventures Of Peter Rabbit and I’d promised to find her a dressing up outfit for her box ……… even though finding a plain red dress was harder than I had first anticipated ………Picture1
….. however, with thanks to the Salvation Army shop in Evesham I have managed to make a certain little madam very happy for just £3.98
Let’s just say, it’s been washed almost every night so that it can be worn the next day ever since she’s had it.
I replaced all but the top button on the cardigan with large, purple flower ones from The Works, they are too big to fasten but “Lily” doesn’t really fasten her buttons.
I now need to get a scrap of pink material to make Lily's “just in case pocket”, when I can prise the outfit off Madam for long enough and add this huge flower button (£1) to it, it’s a  bit different from what I can gather is an appliqued motif on the original, but Iris will still be so chuffed.  I also plan to attempt to put a pink edge along the bottom of the dress with some bias deep binding, (??????)  any advice?  Sewing really isn’t my thing, it makes my teeth itch, but for Iris I am willing to brave a few uncharted crafty territories  


Cheryl W said...

What about using a piece of washable pink felt for the pocket? You would not need to turn the edges at all--just cut to size and stitch it on. This reminds me of the time I made my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter a dress like Princess Fiona has in Shrek. She loved it so much and practically wore it out. BTW, Iris is adorable!

Gertie said...

If you're still after some advice with sewing the bias binding I'm happy to help.