Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Such A Lovely Idea – LittledreamscapesCo on Etsy

This flu has really put me off my crafting stroke, Little Lily Rabbit is still without her “just in case pocket” and having finally gathered everything together I have yet to make a single start on any drawer of Iris and Bertie’s Disneyland Countdown ……. bum, bum, bum!
And then Lu went and opened a whole new world of Sylvannian Families out to me  ……... dioramas in a suitcases ……… this lady is just too clever!
Have a look at Linda's Etsy Shop
I wish I hadn’t started looking ……… because I then moved on to Pinterest and found simple patterns for Sylvannian clothes, after I had bought a box of naked bears going so cheap it would have been rude not to buy on Ebay, that I thought would add to the toy cupboard …….. but now I am tempted to have a go at a simple diorama myself perhaps using the wooden houses I got at the Hobbycrafts Show ……. using a couple of smallest figures in the box, when dressed, of course!
wooden house shaped display tray
  Only problem is ……. when I am ever going to find the time?

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Cheryl W said...

I can certainly relate! I have had a horrible cold for over a week and just haven't had the energy to craft. Finally, today, I felt better and had a little more energy, so I spent a couple of hours making Valentines while washing clothes (both my crafting space and the laundry are in the basement). The dioramas are cute. Iris and Bertie would probably adore looking at them. I hope you feel better soon and can get in some quality crafting time.