Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Better Late Than Never ……….Two Guest Christmas Cards

I have had these cards on my desk since Christmas meaning to post them, but never quite finding the time ……..
The monkey card was made by Krafty Karen for The Boyz. I think it may be from a kit, with a decoupaged face, hat and scarf and lots of added translucent glitter.  
I also think I may already have  my 2018 Monkey Christmas Cards sorted, The Works were selling packs of eight, very good quality, festive photo frame cards for £1 in their sale, I ermed and ahhed at first, but in the end relented ……. all I need to do is get a suitably posed picture set up and printed and then slip into said frames, adding  a few flat backed gems and glitter ……..well, that’s the theory anyway.
This second card came from Minety Moose - Heather  and is a card I am definitely going to half inch!!!  Using a felt reindeer and alphabet stamps ……. I have some similar wooden reindeer somewhere and an as yet unused alphabet stamp set …… so there’s nothing really stopping me.
Because of my recent lack of mojo I have joined  Make One Christmas Card Every Week Throughout 2018 on Facebook, it’s working, I am looking and getting ideas, if not making anything yet!


Cheryl W said...

Super cards. I like the idea of clean and simple but never seem to be able to quite pull it off.

ali said...

how spooky i too joined that group this weekend xx

Karen said...

Hi Helen

Thanks for sharing my card - I found the lovely Christmas monkey on a website called Crafts u Print - they do lots of lovely cards and once you have bought the printable file it is yours to use whenever you want. It is certainly handy when you are asked to make something that you don't have a stamp for as I was asked to make a Christmas card featuring a bowls player on it - they had something that was just perfect.

Best wishes
Krafty Karen

Unknown said...

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