Monday, 30 April 2018

A Bits and Pieces Sort Of A Post

There was an extra bonus to Marc’s and my visit to Crafting Live at Malvern ….. while we were having a much needed cup of tea and waiting to be picked up we noticed that people were leaving the hall with large smiles and what looked like the boxes of the card/paper/kits that had been given as complimentary gifts at the start of the day. At first we just watched, we were happy with the box we had each received, both containing A4 wood patterned paper …… but then we got a little curiouser, before finally deciding that we may as well go see what was going on.
Well, what’s a poor boy and girl to do? We both came back with a pile of extra boxes, rather than take them all back to wherever the organisers were giving the packs away to anyone who wanted them.
You name it, we got it, glitter, metallic and patterned card ……….
…….. plus a couple of card making kits …….
…… including a “wobble” card kit.  When we got back we decided to split the contents so that we both got a bit of everything ….. and after sorting through again, I decided to give the papers that I know I won’t use to Iris’s nursery school, as they are always crying out for materials, so it was win win situation all the way round.
And …….. this is a stemmed dish Marc created marrying a small (upside down) vase with a glass bowl, gluing with E6000.  It was sitting on the sideboard at the cottage and had me completely fooled when I admired it, it was only when Marc told me what he’d done that I cottoned on.  What a brilliant idea!
As you know, I have decorated my bathroom shelves with decanters (filled with bubble bath) that I have found in the various charity shops of Evesham. If I occassionally find a prettier, more unusual shaped one I then replace it for one of the plainer ones, so long as it costs less than about £2.
In the Crafters Companion Café they used decanters that have lost their stoppers as vases with paper flowers in them.  All the plates, cup and saucers and mugs are also “found” treasures, it all looks so cute, especially against all the country style furniture.
And finally an object of desire ……… I haven't got a single spare spot in my bijoux flat, but I just love this painted, metal flamingo, believe me, if I had any where it would fit, it would  be mine!


Cheryl W said...

What a wonderful day you had! I'm so glad you went back in so you could take advantage of the "box giveaway." That flamingo is spectacular. I can understand why you fell in love with it.

marc said...

it was a fab day and we got some great bits and bobs big love marc