Monday, 13 August 2018

To Blog Or Not To Blog …… That Is The Question !!!!!!

I know …… I have been a very long time away not posting and yes, as many of you presumed through your lovely comments (thank you) that I’ve been off and away doing lovely things, putting crafting and blogging on the back burner.


It’s been a GOOD three months or so, when I celebrated my second year in Evesham, joined Slimming World (2 stone down so far), spent a wonderful week in Crete etc. etc., oh and I made the wedding invites for my nephew’s wedding, but more of that project in my next post.


I have been very spoilt in the past having a “proper” craft room where I could just pick up a project whenever I wanted and then shut the door, now living in a small flat I have found that in order to craft two rooms get trashed. I am not a neat worker and as my mind flies here, there and everywhere box after box are opened and the contents scattered and to be honest the tidying up after a “session” got me down a little.


I admit that when I first moved I rushed getting my second bedroom done, having little ones frequently sleeping over and friends/family staying over at least once a month I really needed a bed and a few bits of furniture in there, but, if I could do it all again I think I would have taken my time in designing it as a comfy craft room which included a sofa bed that could be folded away when not in use.


However, in May I had yet another re-think, even as it was the room, for me, didn’t flow, I never really liked the Ikea drawers I had put in there, the bedside ones were too low and the unit I had built on the wall opposite the bed just jarred on me each time I went in the room (as demonstrated by Darrell) ……..


So I got the wonderful Mr Pete to come back and build new drawers either side of the bed to fit in with the shelf unit he had built last year and then, in my head, I wanted something that looked a bit like a dresser on the opposite side of the room to house all the boxes of craft stuff that were under the bed.  I tried to describe to poor Pete what was in my head and unbelievably he was able to draw a sketch, sighing at my need for crystal knobs and the rest is history.  When I got back from Crete Pete had worked his magic.


I am thrilled, there is now only one box now under the bed, everything else is neatly put away and easily assessable, although I need to start labelling some of the boxes. I can now collect stuff from the drawers and cupboards without wrecking the room.


So that’s got you up to speed. In September Iris starts school. I know, where has the time gone …. and Bertie, bless him, starts nursery, which means a bit more walking for me as Evesham doesn’t have the buses that Wolverhampton does, and my three days now increases to four days with them.  I can’t promise a post every Monday, but I have a couple of projects to post and with September heralding my busiest crafting period, I hope to follow on from these posts leading up to Christmas.


Joan Old said...

I know what you mean about blogging. Is it worth it? I kept a blog of all my quilting stuff but as I got busier the posts got less frequent and I left it for about 2 years. In that time I frequently visited it to check on something I had done and I've come to realise that it is actually an inventory of what I have made. I decided to resurrect my blog recently and even though I'm already behind I'll spend a bit of time every so often and try to keep it up to date. The photos and the stories are worth putting out there, if only for me to look back on when I'm too old to do anything else.

Keep blogging! You'll regret it in the future if you don't. I love your blog.

Cheryl W said...

I was so happy to see your post and read your update. I don't blame you a bit for taking some time for more important things, like grandchildren and company. Your room where you can store all your craft supplies looks fabulous. The crystal knobs add an elegant touch with a bit of glimmer. You've a good eye for design!!

ali said...

Lovely to have you back, i dont mind how you blog as long as there is the occasional blog post.

tilly said...

Great to see you back if not on a regular basis, sounds like a busy few months, how the children have grown !!

Kazbomps said...

So glad to have you back even on an occasional basis. I love your blog and your ideas. Look forward to seeing more. Karen x

CraftyCoffey said...

Lovely to see your post & read all about your news.


marc said...

just BIG LOVE marc