Saturday, 24 November 2018

Heads Up - Flying Tiger Christmas Stickers

I love Flying Tiger shops, Marc and I were once followed all round the Hammersmith branch by a “undercover” member of staff, it was in the days of my huge “shop lifting bag” as Marc used to call it.  It was the best bag I have ever had, I still miss it,  but it was sooooooo big, I suppose it did look a bit suspicious!
However, I digress.  This year Flying Tiger have had some really lovely foiled, foam based card stickers for just £1 a pack.  I was very restrained and only bought three packs but I think I may regret it as I am already thinking “Advent Calendar” using one of the blank set of drawers (from The Works)  I have squirrelled away.  I don’t usually do polar bears but the bear pack is my definite favourite, even more than the gingerbread men, and that’s saying something.
These gem stickers were also £1. not sure what I am going to do with them yet, other than a very simple bauble on a white card.


Cheryl W said...

Those bears and penguins are definitely the cutest. I like them a lot. The gem stickers would make some very elegant cards.

marc said...

i loved your shoplifting bag to no matter were we went we looked like a couple of old cons lol and i love flying tiger one of my fav shops but you have to grab things when you see them as they often dont get things back in again look how we regret not getting the fish if ever we see anything like them again we must buy them ,i love the polar bears to