Wednesday, 22 May 2019

How Did I Not Know About This?

Is it just me or did the existence of this wonderful little tool just pass me by .......?
I am always wary when I post a card in case it's a little too layered and embellished and subsiquently falls into the "large letter" category. This almost happened  when I was in the post office the other day when one of the assistants took another look at the card I was sending and said ooooo this feels a bit bumpy I'd best double check it, luckily it passed muster.
I then asked, expecting the answer to be in the negative if it was  possible to get my hands on a measure like hers ....... to which she led me over to the shelves and handed me this!
At £3.27 a considered purchase was made. I must have been on planet Fiddle Fart for far too long as I never knew you this existed. DOH
I tend to give really embellished cards in person, but this will definitely keep me on my toes when it comes to cards that I intend to post.  I would hate someone to have to collect and then pay well over the odds for a card that I'd sent that was found to measure a large letter.


CraftyCoffey said...

That’s is an absolutely fantastic gizmo & I also NEED one!! I end up getting almost everything I send checked as I’m terrified that I’ll not have paid enough on postage. Guess what’s top of my shopping list?!


Cheryl W said...

I made one of these for myself. The USPS allows letters of a certain size that are up to 1/4" thick. I also bought a $5 digital scale on eBay to test the weight of each letter I send to make sure I've added enough postage. Those two items are SO helpful!!

Anonymous said...

Where have you been Helen - I've had one of these for years!!! Got mine from Ebay. Great thing they are too!