Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Let It Snow Penguin Card

Following on from yesterday Marc pointed out that every drawer I’ve done was also a Christmas card design in the making.  Of course he was right and when I thought about it, it was also a useful way of using some, if not all of the (Flying Tiger) stickers, papers and embellishments I have left, minus the numbers.
So, this is the card I made taking yesterdays drawer as inspiration.  It measures 5 1/4ins x 5 1/2ins and is made using a handcut, white linen effect card blank.
I am really chuffed with how it’s turned out. Now I need to look at all the other drawers and the stickers I have left to see if I can use/re-create a few more of the ideas/designs with perhaps a slight amendment here and there to turn them into cards as well .


Cheryl W said...

Marc is oh so right - every drawer IS a card waiting to happen. The two of you together are a creative force to be reckoned with!!

tilly said...

I wish I had a mind like Marks, I would never have looked at it like that !!