Monday, 9 December 2019

Wooden Reindeer Tags

Following on from last weeks brilliant charity shop find I thought I would have a little play with a trio of the wooden reindeer tags I found (20 for just £1). 
When I looked at them properly they really are good quality and very cute, if a little pudgy from not being that active since last Christmas!
To start with I decided to keep things simple, giving them copper coloured glittery antlers, a large. red flat back pearl for a nose and a googly eye.......
...... but then I remembered the box of small red bows and faceted gold gems I also had squirrelled away .......
...... all in perfect proportion for my gathered trio.
At first I was going to leave the "cutie" stars on their derrieres as they were, but changed my mind, adding a little glitter round the edges.
I then got completely carried away ....... edging them with a natural coloured felt pen and adding clusters of three black dots here and there using a black Biro to prevent the ink bleeding into the wood. I coloured one completely and added faux stitching but that was a horrible mistake, two fiddle farts too many, I really didn't like the effect so lesson learnt.  

However, I really enjoyed "playing with them" and I think there is some mileage to be had from them, as tags, on cards and on other projects, possibly filling the hole in the antler with air dough so they are no longer obvious tags.  I am already thinking of a Halloween skeleton  reindeer.  So, with another seventeen or so left to play with, I am setting myself a challenge in the New Year to see just how many ideas I can come up with using them.  

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Cheryl W said...

They're certainly cut little reindeer. The glitter, bows and googly eyes add some fun touches to them. I agree with you about the stitch lines and dots. I like them better a bit plainer, too.