Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Sizzix Mini Matchbook Album - Using Matchbook Cover & Inserts 38-1128

I have had the Sizzix Matchbook die for ages, but have not used it until today. For a first effort I am quite chuffed. (Please excuse my nail bitten finger, it's there only to illustrate how small the matchbook is. I shall have to get a false nail to stick on for any similar pictures in the future!)

The album is made up of four pages, on the first three I have put a mat and layered picture and embellished it with little hearts and faux stitching. The last page is embellished in the same way but I have handwriiten "We Love You"The album is kept together with two mini brads and the cover decorated with two punched hearts.


Lisa Bird said...

Don't tell me you have finally chopped into that spotty card we got at the NEC last year!!!
You really are trying to make me feel guilty now!!

Anonymous said...

just had to LOL at the buying a false nail for future photos comment!! Great crafting idea though!
Bernie x
(BernieTuffs UKS)