Thursday, 27 August 2009

Zutter Mini Bind-It-All Scrapbook.

This is a mini book I have just made for a friend at work, whose daughter is going to study in Argentina for the next twelve months.
She gave me a list of her daughter's interests, including her love of swimming and running, eating fruit and veg, all things Spanish and reading. She also asked me to include a message about only being a phone call away and how much her family loved her, which I have included on the last two pages.
I have used my trusty Zutter Bind It All to make this album, the pages are 4 x 4 ins and the cover a fraction larger. On three of the pages I have added a little tag with small, individual pictures of Imogen's family, with a little charm attached.
I have also made a box with a tag to complete the gift using my box maker (bought from e-bay, I couldn't be without it, what a brilliant invention!)

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Effie said...

Love your mini book ...