Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mini Handbags

In case you missed these first time round, I've jiggled with past posts and added them again today ......... a friend showed me how to make these little handbags, so I cannot claim the idea as my own, but I loved them so much, I thought I would put my own spin on her idea.
Favor Handbags
They are so simple to make.  Just take a strip of paper 4cm wide by 12cm long.  Score the strip into 4 sections, measuring 2cm, 4cm, 2cm, 4cm.
The first 2cm makes the flap of the bag, the next 4cm makes the back, the next 2cm is the bottom of the bag and the final 4cm makes the front.
I have used 4 Twilight mints inside my bags , just  tape them together so they don’t fall out, and secure them to the bottom of the bag with a sticky pad. Add a short length of ribbon at the crease of the flap for the handle, and then use another sticky pad to fasten the bag together.  Finish off with an embellishment of your choice for the fastener, I have used gems. Simples! 
Favor handbags1
Since I first posted these bags back in 2009 they have changed the wrappings on the Twilight mints - to plastic instead of foil and paper (not so classy!!!) but you could use Cadbury minatures instead.  The basic template & dimensions can easily be tweaked to suit whatever confectionary you want to put in them.


Merry said...

These are too cute....thanks for sharing.

Rainmac said...

Another fab idea, going to pinch this one for place decorations at Christmas x

tilly said...

I have a huge feeling these may end up being made in my craft room lol
Thanks for sharing

marc said...

great make they would look nice on a tree you could even make a bag charm /mobile phone to go Anthe strap as a extra gift also would be a nice way to give a pair of ear rings,i have made something like them but are flat and have a postit note pad inside when you open it i used Velcro dots to stick the flap down big love Marc

Jem said...

You could easily make them in backpacks as well for the boys - just have coordinative paper straps on the back, mmm... Janex