Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Handmade Seed Packets for a Gardener

 Completed Handmade Seed Packets
I made these seed packets for my Father In Law last year.  To start with I found a blank seed packet template and copied it into Publisher. I managed to get two seed packets from one A4 sheet of good quality paper.
Seed packet template
I then went about putting a design on the packet, adding a label on the front for details of the seeds and little bees here and there.
 Back of Made Seed packet
And that’s about it really, all that’s left to do is cut the seed packet out and stick it together.  I used a strip of narrow double sided tape on the packet flap as a seal.
I made about a  dozen packets and put them in a small decorated box. 
This present cost pence and just a little fiddle fart. You could vary it in so many ways, personalising it with the name of the gardener, pasting in photos of the reciplicant and/or their garden, I have been quite restrained with my clipart, but you could go wild with flowers etc.


my5bratz said...

what a fab idea :0)

Carmen said...

Really cute. Hmm, I'm thinking OH's Mum...