Monday, 5 October 2009

Ideas for What to Do With Chocolate Mints at Christmas!

Christmas Mints
Who would believe that under this little lot are plain old mints, the sort you always see at Christmas.
Round Mints
All I have done is use my Stampin Up scallop and plain circle punches to make a top and bottom to cover the mint and then a snowflake and Christmas tree punch to complete the idea.
Stampin Up Punches
The scalloped discs are attached to the mint using double sided tape.
These are just a few very basic examples, once the creative juices start flowing the ideas are endless.
I am making a blue and cream set as wedding favors for a wedding next year.  All I am doing is putting four mints into a very narrow  “pretzel” bag (have a look on e-bay, they are also sometimes called lollibags) and tying the bag top with a cream ribbon.
Decorated Mints (2)


airing cupboard crafts said...

Great idea - I'm going to make some for a table decoration at Christmas.

Angie said...

What fun could attach ribbon and use them as tree decorations.

Rainmac said...

Where do you get all your ideas from, I LOVE this one too xxx

Alix said...

gosh this is lovely and my imediate thought, like angie, is add ribbon andhang them from the tree...or wherever there is a little sticky out bit!!

flourgirl said...

I love this idea!! gorgeous mints too. Also like the idea of hanging them from the tree x