Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Julia’s Christmas Chocolate Bars

Choc bars 1
This is not one of my own ideas I found it on Julia’s inspiring and sooooo funny blog Stamping Ground and thought it would make a brilliant small present/stocking filla.
I have taken the paper wrapper off an own brand bar of chocolate and recovered it with a holly design scrapbook paper (sorry I don’t know the name or maker). I have added a red band round the middle and added a few doodled faux stitches.  The message is copied directly from Julia’s chocolate bars, typed and backed on silver.  The holly leaves are made using a holly punch with red Paperchase flat backed gems as berries.
Choc bar 2
Thank you again Julia.  In the New Year I am going to look for some more chocolate sayings, in fact I am sure there is a website dedicated to them ….. This is an idea that could be adapted to many different occasions.


Carmen said...

Check out Sainsburys chocolate section. They have an 'emergency' bar of chocolate with insructions what to do with the chocolate in case of emergency. It's just a boring plain hite wrapper though - I bet you could funky it up :D

I love these and unusually have missed this post on Julias blog so will go check it out :P

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh Helen, great versions, fab! And it's sweet (geddit) to credit me so wholsomely, but although I've been doing these for years, I cannot claim originality! I have other chocolate qutes on stamps...will fill you in later, right now I'm supposed to be cleaning!!