Wednesday, 20 January 2010

What’s On My Desks Wednesday!

Not that I am bragging, but each day I work at three desks! I have no intention of  boring you senseless with all three  every Wednesday but thought I’d do it for fun, just this once, today!
I work for my husband very early in the morning, before I go to the my “real” job, doing the books and typing etc. for his/our central heating business.  This is my desk, nothing very exciting here, just invoices and quotes to be typed!

This is my desk at school ……
Desk WedDesk Wed 1 

It’s just coincidence that my notepad and sweetie jars match my pencil case, mouse and flask ……all presents family and friends.


My flask matches my folders too!  My daughter gave it me  for Christmas without ever seeing my shelves at work!

But this is my favourite desk ……. especially at the moment as it is covered with BEAUTIFUL things ….

Picture 065

Back in July/August a letter and photo I sent to a well known craft magazine was awarded the “Letter We Liked Most” prize – but despite four e-mails nothing arrived, because they were having problems with the sponsor of the award not sending out prizes.

Prize 1 Prize 2

Usually I would have given up, but the devil got the better of me and I got stroppy with them after getting some good advice from the UKScrappers forum. As a result my desk looks like Christmas Day all over again!  There is a lot of Valentine stuff, which will come in useful over the next week or so.


Heather said...

Well done on your perseverence & look at your reward!! :) Me? Jealous? Yep!

Janie said...

Lucky you with all those yummy goodies to now play with, glad they arrived in the end! Another beautiful card, I may have to have a go at this one if that's ok with you?

Julia Dunnit said...

2 things strike me, Helen 3 desks: you are terribly well organised, and man, your time management skills are amazing! Well done on all the yummy stash, sponsor problems or not, a prize was due and I'm glad you didn't take the line of least resistance.

Ali said...

Well done you!! Cant wait to see your fab makes!

Linda Elbourne said...

I have three desks too ... and not one of them is as tidy as your :0)

leia said...

That's a shame about your prize but glad it's sorted now! I love your pink rhinestone mouse - I want one lol x

Paula Gale said...

I can only manage my one desk at the moment (my craft one) - who knows what mine looks like at work. Anyway - you do well to manage three and have them all looking so tidy - looks like good things come to those who wait - some great stuff by the look of it!!

Paula xxx