Monday, 1 February 2010

Card Candy Heart

Picture 074
This is a new sort of embellishment for me, Card Candy from Craftwork Cards.  I received a packet in a swop and they have been on my pin board for months, but then last night I had a brain wave ……. and this is the result.
Card candy heart 2
I drew a heart faintly on the card first as a guide and then just stuck the candy on willy nilly, so the sizes and the colours are completely random,  I picked them up and stuck them down with no fiddle farting!
  Card candy heart 3
For a subtler softer effect I have used an ivory linen card with gold matting instead of my usual white and silver.


Paula Gale said...

Love it. What more can I say? I love all your projects - I wish I could make my crafting as effective as yours - i can over complicate or over think things sometimes (and its meant to be fun!!!).

Paula x x x

Hazel said...

Hey, I just wanted to check with you it is ok to link to you on my blog? Im new to this so i dont really know the etiquette?

A big fan,

Hazel :)

Helen said...

Hi Hazel

Link away!!!!!

Tinkertaylor said...

I have bags of these that I've never used, thanks for the inspiration