Monday, 15 February 2010

Little Handbag Gift Boxes

Picture 005
I feel that this is really a bit of a cheat as there is no real crafting in this project, it’s just a matter of putting things together, to make a quick gift, using things I have already got.
Picture 003
The bags are wedding favor boxes from HobbyCraft, they cost £1.99 for ten, which I think is a bargain.  They come in different colours, I have two sets; brown and cream and black and white, I think they also do them in pastel pink and blue
Picture 006
The stickers are from The Poundshop, they have a metallic finish and come in very useful when I need an odd sticker or two, and the ribbons are just remnants, usually I would match them up very carefully, but this time the random approach has worked.
Picture 010
In each bag I have put four of the Asda chocolate hearts (£1.00 for 10) my sister found me last week. 
I reckon each bag has cost me no more than 35p to make (including for stickers and ribbon)  – bargain!
With Mother’s Day coming up this is a nice little idea for school fayres etc.


Angie said...

These bags are so cute and are a brilliant idea do you have time and so much inspiration to create all these little masterpieces.

Your brothers card will be treasured I am sure.

Bubbles said...

Angie used the perfect word... masterpieces! Another cute design, well executed... fantastic :)

Crafty JuJu said...

I love these bags, very cute :)

Sandra said...

anything that involves pretty papers and yummy embellishments is crafting LOL ... and these just look so cute

Sheila said...
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Sheila said...

Looked in Hobbycraft for the boxes, as they look so lovely! They were £5.99 for 10! Disappointment reigns!!
Will try to make my own, lol