Friday, 2 April 2010

Desert Island Crafts Continued …..

It’s Easter - we felt we had earned  a few days away and the circling pin of fate landed on Bristol ….. not sure what we will find ….. but I’m sure I will stumble into a Poundland tucked somewhere amongst all the tourist attractions
So, while I am on my jollys, I thought I would continue something I started at Christmas and blog some of my favourite tools and  materials, a few treasures that inspire me plus some new views of my craft room …..  but please, excuse the mess!
This is my really old but faithful dymo label writer – I just love the effect it gives,  especially on men’s cards and mini books.  I know there are newer, more modern machines out now, but they are not a patch on this one, bought from e-bay.
Picture 053
The view today is one of two fitted wardrobes, which is packed solid, you name it, it’s probably in there!
Boxing gloves
And my treasure …….. the boxing gloves my husband had as a little boy, they are just so beautiful.


Tinkertaylor said...

You've got some serious stash there! Those boxing gloves are so cute. Enjoy your break.
Happy Easter

Deborah said...

Happy Easter Helen, hope you have a lovley break

Mistys Mum said...

Happy Easter Helen - enjoy Bristol.
This is first time I have left a comment - I love the blog & Mum's Monkey blog too. My you are one busy lady.

Tracey and Paul said...

that picture of inside your wardrobe makes me feel so much better, it looks just like my craft room shelves !!