Saturday, 3 April 2010

Desert Island Crafts – Day Two

Picture 148  Picture 152
These are a few pages from my notebook, if I see an idea that inspires me,  I’ll stick it in here – with notes and other ideas as they pop into my head.
Picture 149
 Picture 151Picture 147
This is a view of my second fitted wardrobe, again crammed to high heaven with papers, embellishments, alphabet stickers etc. etc.
 Picture 056
Today’s treasure is a photo I took of my husband and our children when they were very small, walking up the steep stony banks at Chesil Beach.
my favourite picture


qwiksave said...

Thanks for such a fascinating insight into your way of working - LOVE the idea sketchbooks Helen. I need to organise myself better, at the moment I 'make it up as I go along!' lol. qwiksave PS Lovely picture!

Anonymous said...

I love looking at all your ideas! your very inspirational!

Angie said...

That note book is a great idea ...I know artists do something similar day I may get organized. lol
That photo is awsome