Friday, 14 May 2010

Bind It All - Postcard Diary/Scrapbook

I made this funny looking book using my Bind It All. I’ve used blank postcards for the pages, with the idea of using it as a sort of Travel Journal.
postcard book
I’m going to write notes on the printed side – perhaps adding a small picture over the stamp part and doodling a sort of postmark over it.
inside postcard book
On the reverse side, I will add a collage of smaller photographs of the trip/holiday (printed on my computer)
I LOVE my Bind it All, which I got it a while back at Hobbycrafts,  NEC. When I first tried to use it I thought, what have I bought and I am afraid that it stayed on the shelf, unused, for many months until I tried it again.  There is a knack to keeping the rings nice and round, a light touch is needed – I am notoriously heavy handed, hence squashed rings at the start.
It’s a brilliant piece of kit, I could have a full time job just making blank books – as you can alter the basic designs for so many different ideas, i.e size and shape, colour and texture of paper, number of pages etc. It’s DEAD GOOD!


Darcy said...

I love mine too, though shamefully I have only used it twice....I have just started a little mini book so I shall use it on that. your travel journal looks great.

qwiksave said...

Thanks for this post. I have just bought one so many thanks for the tip about using a light touch. I need to get some of the 'spine rings' but not sure what size I should get? I can't wait to get started! x

Virginia said...

I love my bind it all too - it's just the best machine ever and i use it sooooo much! Loving your blank book - it's gorgeous!

Linda Elbourne said...

You are sooooo right ... it is dead good .... but then I would say that would n't I??? ;0)