Saturday, 21 August 2010

Birthday Card with a Swiss Theme

I don’t know why, but I kept putting off making this card, the brief was to include Switzerland, walking boots, and a map for a lady’s 70th birthday.
Walking Card
In the end, I decided on a newspaper card, as it was the easiest way to fit everything in.  I’ve made a very simple decoupage layer using the picture of the mountains, although it doesn’t show up to well in the photos.
Close Up of Boot on card
The boots are Quickutz die cuts, bought from e-bay, but this is a die I would very much like, but not got round to looking for yet.  The boot prints are Stickopotamus boot and shoe prints bought from US via e-bay. I am desperate to find some more packs , as I seem to make a lot of cards that use boot prints – they are ideal for Christmas Santa boot prints.
 Close up of flower
The flower is made using various punches and the compass is part of a pack of 3D stickers from Poundland.


carlytheprincess said...

Great card! I don't know why you were putting it off as it has turned out fab!

Bubbles said...

Brilliant - I wouldn't expect anything else though :) Those little boot print stickers are fantastic - at first glance I thought perhaps they were made with a stamp or perhaps doodled on - the whole card is just great!