Friday, 20 August 2010

Snappy Birthday Cards

I feel a bit guilty about having a Giveaway and no crafty post …… so this is so that no one’s disappointed!!!
Snappy Birthday Cards
These are the stickers I bought earIier this week. I just  loved these crocodile as soon as I saw them (99p a packet)
Crocodile Stickers
I’ve got three cards from the pack so far, which is pretty good going, as I still have the other animals left, but inspiration is eluding me on them just now.
Snappy Birthday 1
All I’ve done is add googly eyes to the crocs to give them a bit more character.
Snappy Birthday 2
And I have handwritten the sentiment.
Snappy Birthday 3


RosieB said...

love these! I really AM going to have to practice my hand-writing skills!

Suzanne said...

Love these. Maybe you could give handwriting classes?? I soo wanna write like that, lol x

Bubbles said...

Once again, an amazing blog showing your brilliant talents! The googly eyes really make the difference on these cards - I love them! I (like everyone else, I'm guessing) would love to have the confidence to write and doodle direct onto projects like you do - it always looks so amazing.

Anj said...

love 'em!! x

misteejay said...

What a bargain and such cute cards as a result...I'm sure you will come up with something equally fab for the other animals.

Toni :o)

Merry said...

You are so have turned these stickers into amazing cards.

Julie said...

These are just fantastic!!! x

PepPop said...

These look great, love the googley eyes, they make such a difference. Jaqui x