Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Candy Cane Heart

This was a bit fiddle farty…….
Candy cane heart Tree decoration 1
I’ve joined two wrapped candy canes together using my hot glue gun (it didn't harm the candy),  but because the canes were wrapped, it was hard to disguise/hide the cellophane wrapper at the end of the cane. That’s when I decided to add a few thick, glittery table confetti snowflakes, with clear flat back gems in the centres to hide the joins.
Candy Cane Heart Decoration 2
I’ve used a loop of red ribbon to hang it up on the Christmas tree etc.


Anonymous said...

love these great idea, might copy it for my daughter and her boy friend. i love reading your blog full of good ideas. angiex

craftingdi said...

Brilliant! Have already borrowed and adapted your lovely candy cane mice idea!I just love your blog and look forward to reading each day. Diane xx

SueF said...

What a fantastic idea Helen - I'm kicking myself now, I saw some tiny candy canes last week which would have been perfect for this (can't rememember if it was in poundland or Morrisons)!

Helen said...

Sue - Mini Candy canes in Poundland ! I got some!!