Thursday, 9 September 2010

My Many Pocketed Advent Calendar Challenge!

This is my “Many Pocketed Advent Calendar” hung up on my craft room door………

Many Pocketed Advent Calendar Challenge

I have set myself a challenge to make a little something for each pocket before 1st December, then I will take it to work and let everyone choose a pocket  …… I think 24 totally different ideas might be a lot for my haddled brain …. so some ideas may be duplicated but different, if you know what I mean, i.e I may decorate three chocolate bars, but they will each have a separate design …… how exciting!

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Ceri said...

Helen I love your blog and your projects. I stumbled upon it by chance and it's great! I too share your love of Poundland - I have bought up all the grey linen napkins in mine to make into little fabric baskets!

I am inspired to try and find an advent house like your tesco one from last year and am loving your enthusiasm - you sound a lot like me!

My friends and I have set up a blog if you have time to check us out:

Keep on crafting!
Ceri x