Thursday, 9 September 2010

First Christmas Post of the Year

It’s hard to know when to start Christmas ….. I begin looking for and thinking about ideas in the summer holiday and try to get quite a few put together ….. but when should I start  posting them?  …… Well, I have decided to start now ….. and will add others as and when I do them.  If you are anything like me, I’d hate to find a brilliant idea a couple of days before Christmas and have no time/materials to make it …….. so here we go …and as it gets nearer to Christmas I can start on Easter!!!
Santa Chocolate Bar (2) 
I’ve seen this idea done in lots of different ways when I have been Googling and this is my version ….. take one chocolate bar ……
Santa Chocolate Bar (1)
…….. cover it with red paper, add a belt and buckle, a few buttons, a beard and some fur trim.  The beard and trim are made using a glitter paper, which is easier to wrap round the chocolate bar. (AC0123W - 12 glitter sheets per pack from  There are two shades of white in the pack, one a brilliant white and the other is slightly creamier in tone.
You could also stick a loop of red ribbon to the chocolate bar before covering it to make a Christmas Tree decoration …….or ….. get a length of string, make 25 of them, add a peel off number to each one et voila an Advent Calendar!


Julia said...

Cute take on this idea, I like the idea of hanging them on the tree. Inspirational as always.

Jenny said...

NOOOO! Not Christmas! *sigh* suppose I'd better start sorting things out. Cute chocci bar! xx

Lilibet said...

Loving the Advent Calender idea.Now what could I do with a Crunchie bar which is my most absolute favourite?
BTW ,there's a little something in the post for you.

Bubbles said...

Best time to start is in the New Year - get into those sale bins before anyone else does *lol*
Love the advent idea with this gorgeously cute choccy bar :)