Thursday, 19 August 2010

A Voyage Round My Mug

My handpainted Mug 1
I’ve had a go at “mug painting”.  I was a bit limited, as I only had three pens in red, green and black.  I was given a gift voucher last Christmas and I bought the pens with it, thinking that I might like to try painting some mugs for this Christmas.  The pens cost £3.09 each.
Mug Painting pens
Using the pens couldn’t be simpler, as they look and feel like big marker pens, the ink is slightly thinner but it didn’t run.
My handpainted Mug 2My Handpainted Mug 3
And best of all, if you make a mistake or don’t like what you have done, it just washes off with water, BRILLIANT.
My handpainted Mug 4
I decided to keep things very simple for my first attempt. You have to wait 24hrs to allow the paint to dry, and then bake in the oven for 40 minutes.  It says that it is dishwater proof, but I am not sure I would like to risk it.
I am now thinking about some Christmas designs ……..


Sandra said...

And because it's your first one, which I must say is very good - I wouldn't risk it in the dishwasher. oohh liking the idea of christmas ones

Stampersue said...

Like the mug very much. Xmas mugs sound like a cool idea.


simplyvintage said...

I love what you've done with the mug - it looks fab. What a good idea for thingymas, look what you've done, I've now got to add another thing to try to my lisy;D xxx

Bubbles said...

Oh, how pretty!
I spent a fortune buying white mugs with red poppies on them... should've just commissioned a set from you *lol*
Can't wait to see your Christmas designs :)

Julie said...

I'm a loving your mug,are you going for a set of six??? x

Lilibet said...

Your mug is great!We did this at work with our team mugs.No excuses for not washing their own mugs up,especially when we all have our names on them.
Love our blog.You gave me great inspiration for my BIL's birthday card .He had a newspaper card.Took me ages to do but thank you for inspiring me.

PepPop said...

Fantastic work, these would be great for Christmas Snow Men soups. Jaqui x