Wednesday, 6 October 2010

No Crafting Wednesday!

I tend to keep my blog a pretty tight ship, keeping strictly to crafting and shopping ……and only share a little of myself now and again….. well, I today I thought I would reveal my secret crush passion ….. which will explain why I won’t be doing any crafting on Wednesday nights for at least the next 13 weeks …….
Sir Alan Sugar
Apprentice Series 4 2008
Apprentice Series 4
I LOVE SIR ALAN SUGAR …….. he makes me go all goose bumpy.  I have three framed pictures on the small shelf by my desk at work,  they are of Mr FiddleFart, Jose Mourinho (my other crush)  and Sir Alan …. so on a Wednesday when I am usually fiddle farting ….. the only thing that will be glued, will be me, to my tele!!!

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Lou and Mel said...

Ooooooo - the power!

Sandra said...

I really quite like knowing this other side of you LOL.

Glen said...

LOL...Simon might get jealous Helen!! Sorry. SAS doesn't do anything for me! *Ü* You can have him. LOL. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those little cases and yes, I am getting rather nostalgic here. They remind me of my childhood. Your advent calendar is looking rather spiffing! I love the little snowman. TFS. ~Glen~

PepPop said...

Thanks for sharing your guilty pleasure. Jaqui x

Twiggy said...

Tee hee, he is very short you know :) I have two lovely pictures of my not at all secret crushes on my blog today - ding dong !
Twiggy x

lyzzydee said...

He's been upgraded to 'Lord' Sugar, doesn't quite trip off the tongue the same does it?
Love your blog because I love poundland and you are so inventive with the 'stuff' they sell!!