Wednesday, 6 October 2010

What’s In My Shopping Bag Wednesday

It seems ages since I did a shopping post …. and to be honest there isn’t any crafty shopping here ….. I’ve just indulged myself with a few lovely things ……. on Saturday we nipped over to one of our fairly local garden centres, where they were just setting out their Christmas displays.
Bird Christmas Decoration
And as I have a BIG thing for birds at the moment  I just couldn’t resist this tree decoration ….. it will hang in my craftroom all year round …. it cost £3.99 and I LOVE it.
Flying Pig Christmas tree Decoration
Another thing I collect is flying pigs, (it’s my user name in various forums), but they are few and far between, so I only have a very small collection. I’m a bit fussy because they have to have “nice” faces ….. and this one has a beautiful face! It cost £2.99, and again it will have a special place found for it in my craftroom.
Vintage Childrens Suitcases
This set of vintage 1950’s child's suitcases cost me £6.50 (plus P&P) from e-bay.  I just love them!  The handles are metal and remind me of my childhood so much.  They were not in pristine condition, but I knew that when I bid, but with a little bit of cleaning they are just what I wanted.
Vintage Childs Stacking Suitcase
One side of the largest case was a little scuffed, but I already had these Making Memories travel stickers, which have covered the marks perfectly.
I have looked at new sets of similar mini suitcases, but they aren’t a patch on these and are SO expensive!


sh3ri3 said...

I do enjoy your shopping updates, that little bird is so cute! great buys as always :) xx

PepPop said...

Great buys. Love the suitcases! Jaqui x

Chrysalis said...

Oh - I had a case JUST like these. Can remember using it to pack my jammies when I decided to leave home and live with my Nan! Well, I was only 6 and I got as far as sitting on the front wall, two doors down from us! The good old days when parents didn't panic at the thought of kids going outside the house alone.

Twiggy said...

All lovely, but the birdy ornament is lush
Twiggy x

furrypig said...

I really love the flying pig it is totally gorgeous! Was it from a 'chain' garden centre? Thanks xxx