Sunday, 5 December 2010

Nothing Fancy About My Decoupage

In answer to Nicollete’s question.
Nicollette: Helen, what is your process for decoupage?
To be honest Nicollette I don’t think what I do is really decoupage, it’s just my way of adding a bit of dimension when I use a printed image on any of my cards. But, I’ll run through what I have done in the card below for you:-
  • Find image, decide which bits I want to stand out and then put together an A4 sheet of everything I need, (plus a few extra, in case my cutting out is a bit shonky). I use Publisher to do this, cropping, copying and pasting the images.
  • Print off.
  • Put main image on the card (after matting and layering etc.)
  • With the snowman I have cut out and used two images of the hat and gloves, one of the bird, and two of the scarf adding an extra layer for the centre bit – no descending shapes etc. like proper decoupage – it’s very, very basic.
  • I put them together using Poundland foam sticky pads that I cut down.
  • That’s it really, except I add twiddly fiddly bits, like flat back gems etc for extra bling.
Hope this helps – sorry I can’t help with the technicalities of using Publisher, it’s something I have taught myself and is just too complex to go through each stage.

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