Monday, 3 January 2011

And Here’s One I Prepared Earlier…..

This is an idea I got from follower Marc, to make ready prepared centres for Elisabeth Shaw mints etc. to use with my Stampin’ Up 1 3/8 plain circle punch.  Before, I have handwritten each and every sentiment on my mints, a laborious task, but Marc suggested that if I wrote out a sheet of sentiments, it could be photocopied or printed off again and again. Now, why didn’t I think of that?
Happy Birthday Circles for Stampin'Up PunchesStampin' Up Circle Punch
To make the sheet, I first punched out a circle to use as a template and lightly drew round it twenty times on a sheet of card,  then I wrote “Happy Birthday” in each of one, rubbing out the pencil marks when I had finished. All I had to do then was scan the sheet and save it as a PDF file.  How simple is that?
Stampin' Up Circle Punch  Fiddle fart
The sentiment now fits perfectly in the punch and has saved me hours of work.
Happy Birthday Circle for Stampin Up Punch 1
I deliberately didn’t add any faux stitching round the edge of the circle as that would make lining up the punch a little fiddly.
Happy Birthday Circle Fiddle Fart
But by using a fine black liner pen, you can’t see the difference once the faux stitching and a few little stars etc. are added. It would also be easy to add dots to the letters to turn it into a dotty font.  I am presently working on a whole file of sentiments which I will probably offer as a freebie once they are done.


Anonymous said...

Only just started following your blog and love it. You are so inspirational. Can't wait for your sentiments to be available as a PDF.
Keep up the good work and all the best for the New Year.

marc said...

They look fab Helen if i was you i would swap them, as we all have craft bits we dont use that you might be able to put to good use
its only fair hun you done all the hard work big love marcx

luvthatstampin said...

I can't print as nicely as you do! Cute and clever idea.

Paula Gale said...

This is the kind of thing I like to have prepared Helen.

Doesn't it help that these days we all tend to have a scanner and or copier at our disposal too.

If I do one sentiment on the PC - I tend to do a few of the same, then think what i've got coming up and do those at the same time - then I've got them ready done and don't have to waste paper on just one sentiment.

Paula x x x