Tuesday, 7 February 2012

FiddleFart Guest Crafter – The Duke "Mr FiddleFart"

Andys Tally board 
“The Duke” is the most brilliantly creative person I know, he can make or mend anything! So when our son asked if he could come up with an idea to make a tally chart for his team at work, to inspire them to meet all their targets and  "win" a free breakfast, this is what “The Duke” came up with.
Breakfast Board
….. Made using scraps of wood, blackboard and ordinary paint, the addition of  plastic knives and forks and winners medals was just pure genius!
My favourite part was the easel ........

Easel 1
...... which I  have now asked him to make me but in miniature for my cards etc.


marc said...

Well done that Man and i was thinking the same they look good with cards on and they are fab for displaying scrapbook pages around the house instead of picture frames as you can change when ever you want its inspired me big love Marc

lonidan said...

Well done the Duke. Lovely easel. I am always making little things for him indoors to put in in his workshop so me thinks that i can get him to do some of these for me. That will keep him busy and out of trouble!! louise xx