Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Altered Primark Necklace

From this …….
Primark Wooden heart Necklace
……. to this …..
Altered Primark Wooden heart necklace
I was messing about with a Cern’ (Franc and Bourgeois) gold outliner for glass painting on this necklace. When I first tried the outliner on the beads it was far too thick, so I wiped it off and noticed that quite a nice pattern was left, so I tried again, but this time using only the tiniest amount of gold in a swirly pattern, and this is the result.


Carole Z said...

Wow! Gorgeous necklace! Carole Z xx

marc said...

its so much better love the look of it as i always say about what you do its fab big love marc

tilly said...

I love how this necklace looks now, trendy!

Bee and Dee said...

This is so much nicer than the original. Hugs Bee

Pamela said...

Wow! The finished result is a lot nicer than the original!

SueF said...

Pure gorgeousness - well done Helen


Bubbles said...

Wow love your altered necklace, looks great!
Joanne x