Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Monday Bargains

Yesterday we nipped over to a local Bank Holiday car boot sale and market and then to our own Village Fair  I didn’t go looking for anything in mind, but I was dead chuffed with what I found…..
Craft Cotton
….. like this craft knitting cotton ….. I’ve been after some for a couple of years now, as I’ve fancied knitting dishcloths as a funny yet practical sort of present for several Christmas’s now (I’ve even got some “knitted by …..” labels to sew on ready!)  So no excuses now, 4 x 100gram balls cost me £2.50 (I haggled a bit), which I think was a bargain.  I’ve cast on 25 stitches on (old) size 3 needles. I’ve done a bit of research on Google and there are whole websites solely for dishcloth knitting patterns, but I’m just going to work a loose garter stitch square to start with.
Picture 137
This small embroidered tablecloth cost me £1.50 after another bit of haggling. The cloth itself is quite discoloured, but the stitching is exquisite, so I am going to risk washing it gently by hand, but do you think it would be sacrilege to cut it up to use as panels on a cloth bag  and/or making it into cloth badges/buttons?
Picture 138
This deep picture frame may prove to be a bit of a pig in a poke ….. unfortunately the cardboard frame has writing on (the names of the flowers), I am hoping it will paint over in cream, and then I want to make little panels with punched butterflies in each space ….. but it was only £1 and I am if that idea doesn’t work I’m sure I can do something else with it.
Picture 139
Finally at our village fair I found this unopened box of wooden building blocks for £1 – there’s 48 blocks in all and I’m thinking that this sort of thing is quite popular as home decor at the moment ….. do I paint them in pastel shades …. or leave them as they are .  I think I would like to spell friends name out with them …. but it’ll take a bit of time to work out how I can maximise the number of names or words I can get from the one pack.


Suze Bain said...

Sounds like you had a great day rummaging yesterday. My first reaction was, no, I couldn't cut up someone else's work but actually you'd get some lovely panels from it and I'm sure you wouldn't waste a scrap of it. Have fun. x

Circle said...

Oh the frame with the wee flowers in it is such a bargain! Any sort of paint would cover the writing, I know I've even used old house paint :P But with delicate butterflies in it, it would just look so exquisite.

Rose&Bird said...

Would the frame work if you just turned the mount the other way around? I'm thinking there wouldn't be writing on the other side.

qwiksave said...

I've just found another idea for you - making them into a photo puzzle. Her it is if you want to try it: http://content.photojojo.com/tutorials/photo-puzzle-blocks/