Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Father In Laws Birthday Card

Picture 038
This card is probably in very dubious taste, which is why I have left it a few months before posting it.  The weekend of my Father In Law’s birthday there was a gas explosion in our village, as it was right next to his drive, his fence was seen on national and local tv that night and in the papers the next day.
Picture 039
It was a BIG explosion …… but lovely Colin knew nothing about it until the police went round to the doctors to get his number to phone to see if he was OK!


Circle said...

Oh Helen I think it's cool! No doubt he was able to spot his fence all over the papers and got a chuckle, and thank goodness no one was harmed. It made for one heck of a personalised card though, not a change you could find anything of the sort in Hallmark!

Bubbles said...

Brilliant! One thing you can (nearly) always say about the Engish is that they can laugh about themselves - bet the neighbours even having a chuckle now :)

Jem said...

Love it!