Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ….

I have such lovely followers and this week I have been overwhelmed by their kindness …
Picture 176
On Tuesday I received a huge parcel from Carly containing all kinds of wonderful treasure …. I’m going to keep it all in the box, so it doesn’t get mixed up with all my other crafting stuff, giving me somewhere “magical” to delve into when I’m looking for inspiration or a “bit” to start/finish something off and then I’ll know exactly where it came from.  I hope I can thank Carly in the coming weeks and months by using some of her lovely gift in some of my projects.  THANK YOU SO MUCH Carly!
Thanks from the Heart
And then on Saturday morning …. this lovely card came with the postman from Christine….
Picture 169
……. with this lovely necklace ….
Blue Bird in a cage pendant
There is a tiny china bird in the cage …… how beautiful is that? ....And I have such a thing about birdcages!!  Thank you so much, it made me cry!
Producing two blogs on a daily basis is quite hard work, but it’s lovely things like this and all the wonderful comments that make it such a pleasure to do and keeps me thinking about the next idea……
Again THANK YOU xx


misteejay said...

How thoughtful - enjoy your goodies.

Toni :o)

Suze Bain said...

What super surprises, enjoy rummaging through your box of goodies. You do inspire so many people. xx

marc said...

what a lovely thing to do and i too love birdcages and thats a very sweet charm lovely act of kindness big lov marc

marc said...

I hope that the box of love carly sent you brings you as much joy as i know what you will make with it will bring us, and i belive that both A.O.R.K will return to them a 100x over when you send out love and kindness it has away of coming back to you big love marc

carlytheprincess said...

I sent the box as a thank you to Helen for all of her wonderful ideas that she shares with us without asking for anything in return. Everytime I go to throw something away that I can't find an idea for, I think 'I bet Helen could do something with that' So I packaged them all up and sent them. Thanks again Helen for all of the lovely ideas xx