Monday, 23 May 2011

Tim Holtz Tattered Florals

Following on from yesterday, I decided to have a play with my Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die.  Last week I popped into The Range and bought some ivory hessian and gauze type fabric, with making flowers in mind …. but I am a bit disappointed, the pictures of what I have made show a bit of an experiment, which still needs a bit more fine tuning …..
Tim Holtz Tattered Florals
This is my first effort, but it looks so flat …. it doesn’t pop, and I am not sure that just adding more layers will make it any better ….. plus, I know the centre brad is a bit pants and needs to be a bit fancier …..and my bit of staining using felt pen to add a bit of colour hasn’t helped much either …. but onwards and upwards ..
Tattered Florals Tim Holtz
I decided to cut out another flower using the gingham that Carole sent me (see yesterday's post), it looks better, but …. I’m not keen on the blue staining now …. but we’re slowly getting there …. but rather than bin it, which was my first inclination and start again … I’ve stuck it on a hair clip ….
Back of hairslide
…… part of a pack I got from Poundworld (for £1!!!!!)
Poundworld Hairclips
This was all very hit and miss …. but now I’ve made this first one I know where I’m going wrong …. I think I need to add another light,  floaty, flowery fabric to add colour between the original fabrics and a prettier brad ….  but any other suggestions will be gratefully accepted!


Barb Cady said...

I've made some brooches using this die and I think the rule is anything goes! I've used old demin from much used jeans, layers of different weight materials, and even felt as a stable backing flower. I like yours, especially the one with the gingham. Perhaps blue gingham and denim? Mmmmm, you've got me going now! xx

marc said...

i think your going he right way ith it and Barb cadys advice seems very helpful i m likeing the look and a bit of red to the blue and a great site for eyelets and brads is they are in the usa but they are quick and the jewelled brads are so much more than the pictuers as are the pearl and you can get some good size ones big love marc

marc said...

sorry half my letters did not type
but i am sure you can read it big love marc

Lilibet said...

When I was little my Nana used to mke hats & stuff.I still hve her tools.She used to make lots of fabric flowers.First she would seize the fabric with a mix of arrowroot powder.You make it like custard but more runny.Paint it on the backside of the fabric & leave to dry.It acts like a natural stiffener.You then cut out your petals & use heat to emboss a curl in the petal to give it shape.The het tools are like mini irons you heat in a burner.A modern equivelant would be a clover mini iron.If you then spritz he fabric petal with water it will lose its stiffness if preffered.
Hope that helps.