Monday, 25 July 2011

Recycled Tea Light Holders

 Glass Dish tea Light Holders
As Rolf Harris would oft say … “Can you see what it is yet?”
A friend gave me the glass dishes which were left over from Marks and Spencer puddings, she didn’t like to throw them away as she thought I may be able to do something with them …
Picture 322
….. So using Super Glue I’ve stuck them onto some shot glasses I got from a car boot sale for a few pence a couple of months ago. I’ve used Cern’ gold glass outliner and permanent pen on the more ornate holder, but I much prefer the plain ones….. something  a bit different for summer barbeques as the light fades!

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marc said...

i like the plain ones may be some peel off fine lines round the top of the rim they would look great with sweets in at easter /christmas/weddings or flowers or floating candels fab idiea big love mrc