Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Emergency Chocolate Biscuit

Emergency Biscuit
Well, they came up with emergency biscuits on The Apprentice this year and the idea was rejected …. but I have decided to run with it!  I like to make something funny for the beginning of the new school year and this is what I shall be popping into colleagues pigeon holes at the start of this term.
Emergency Chocolate biscuit 1
It’s only a two fingered Kit Kat from Poundland (in packs of nine) that I have rewrapped and then added my own printed labels on the front and back.  I wonder how long they will last, I think mine will be eaten by the end of the week!


Lynn said...

I wouldn't last the day with me - certainly not until the end of the week. Great idea,

Lynn x

misteejay said...

Fab idea Helen - will they let on that they have eaten theirs? LOL

Toni xx

Suze Bain said...

If it were me, first coffee break and it would be gone! xx

SueF said...

Fantastic idea Helen - will make some up for the kids to take to School :-)


Merry said...

You have such fun ideas...what a lovely thing to share with your workmates.

Bumblebee said...

Love this, and may have to do some for my colleagues too!